The moon. It is full, and bright, and a bat is flying in the night sky

Creating this one was a lot of fun. I wanted the moon itself to be both surreal and accurate, so I had pulled up a bunch of NASA photos as a reference to get the craters and bright spots on the moon accurate. I love how it turned out.

an herbalist's mortar and pestle. There are berries, a rose, mysterious potions, and a bird skull in view

Berries, plants, and unidentified potions. What more could you really want?

a tea pot with an artichoke motif, with a goofy poodle looking on in the back

The poodle is named Billie, and she is a very good girl.

a green and orange chameleon holding onto a branch
a perspective shot of a table with an oracle board on it. The planchette is inlaid with silver and gold, and rests on the P.

Some fun with perspective, and with design

a top down view into a koi pond.

One of the first pieces I created with my Ipad and Procreate. I learned a lot about how to use that program while working on it, and generally I find that I have a lot of affection for the piece because of that.