The Old Man, the Bird

a raven in eerie blue light sits on a man's arm. They are in front of a tunnel of trees that lead to a glowing door.
October 2020 Illuminated Digital Printing

My relationship with Odin is a pretty simple one. This is not so true of my wife, but for me, Odin has always been a loving father. He and his Ravens have guided me and gifted me untold wonders. The central image from this painting is of a dream I had as a child, wandering through the woods to find a vast library of knowledge, full of birds.

Below is an up close shot of the bird, and the same before it was Illuminated.

Close up of the Raven from The Old Man, The Bird
October, 2020 Illuminated Digital Printing
A close up on the face of a raven in profile
July, 2020 Digital Etching