Scripts by Elizabeth Sandifer. You can find her critical writing work at Eruditorum Press.

A worn pirate hat

Olive Peaseblossom in Kraken Went A-Courtin’

Olive Peaseblossom never met a problem they couldn’t solve by making a bigger problem. So when they accidentally unleash a horde of underwater skeletons, they have to make quite a big problem indeed.

Artist’s Notes and Highlights

Olive Peaseblossom in Hive City Hootenanny

In Hive City, the bees rule with an iron stinger. But Olive Peaseblossom is here, and they’re probably going to save the day. With… a jug band?

Artist’s Notes and Highlights

a look out the window at a garden

Olive Peaseblossom In Suburbia

In the wake of their most audacious caper yet, Olive has to lie low in the most dangerous place in all creation: their parents’ house.

Artist’s Notes and Highlights

Coming Soon: Olive Peaseblossom Shorts, and then

Olive Peaseblossom in Let Them Fight God