Penn Wiggins

A road runner holds up a piece of unfinished embroidery in the desert.

This is the first piece of Illuminated Digital printing that I did. It was quite a journey solving all of the technical problems that kept arising, and it is a process that I am still perfecting. This is part of a larger project, called Emelina, that is temporarily on hold.

a woman wearing silver elf ears, and a space dress looking at the viewer. She looks amused.

Trans Woman. She/her.

a mandala style coloring page with a ferrets motif

A coloring page featuring my two ferrets, Marceline and Bonibel, who are best friends. Please feel free to color this page! I would love to see what people do with it!

A black lab looks at the camera imploringly, with snow on his nose and face

A painting from my wife’s favorite picture of her dog, Krypto coming in from the snow. He was a good boy, and is dearly missed.

a person in pink with their eyes closed looking peaceful

Non Binary. Rolling Pronouns.

two people with eyes closed are in a loving embrace, faces together

both Non Binary. They/them.

a person with glasses and an orange tabby cat

Non Binary/Two-spirit. They/them.

A woman in pink lighting looking very relaxed and comfortable. She has a very small smile

Trans woman. She/her.

a woman with glasses and curly hair in front of a seal of Rassilon

Trans woman. She/her.

a mandala style coloring page with a bug motif

As with my other coloring pages, please feel free to color this. I would love to see what you do.