Penn Wiggins

Oof, so much to say and to feel about this one. This was Olive’s last big adventure, at least for the foreseeable future. That is definitely a bittersweet fact. These were a warm up project, as I learned how to tell stories as comics. I have drawn literally only 21 pages of comics in my …

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These were done after In Suburbia, but before I started on Have Them Fight God, as little micro-tests for my process. I’ve been leaning toward a similar style to In Suburbia for the next, much larger, comic project. I told El I was going to do a few single panel process studies, so naturally the …

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In Suburbia is the third comic for myself, and for Olive. I swear it feels like I’ve done more than fifteen pages of comic, but here we are. I’m still deep in the weeds here, learning my craft, figuring out what my process is. El and I have Britain A Prophecy on the horizon, and …

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My second comic, and Olive’s too. Getting out of trouble they didn’t even cause this time. I tried a lot of experimental things with this comic, and in the end I think most of them worked. I was extremely playful with my layouts, hiding honey comb shapes everywhere, and playing a little loose with panel …

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a raven in eerie blue light sits on a man's arm. They are in front of a tunnel of trees that lead to a glowing door.

My relationship with Odin is a pretty simple one. This is not so true of my wife, but for me, Odin has always been a loving father. He and his Ravens have guided me and gifted me untold wonders. The central image from this painting is of a dream I had as a child, wandering …

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A woman in red wearing a gold crown, and gold ropes, leans down extending her hand to accept an apple from a hand coming out of the ground.

Vala is a shining goddess of death, decay, and righteous fury. Blake only ever saw her in shadow, but when I see her she is almost too bright to look at. She is life as much as she is death, and she is very much what we need right now. We need to bury the …

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a girl sits on the side of the road with her black pup. Down the road a ways a crow is inspecing a woman who is on the ground.

Second Illuminated Digital Print, while I was still working in Procreate. This is part of a larger project titled Emelina, which is currently on hold.

a person with some medical equipment smiles at the camera

Non Binary. They/them.

a man wearing a scarf uses his phone

Trans Man. He/him.