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a raven in eerie blue light sits on a man's arm. They are in front of a tunnel of trees that lead to a glowing door.

My relationship with Odin is a pretty simple one. This is not so true of my wife, but for me, Odin has always been a loving father. He and his Ravens have guided me and gifted me untold wonders. The central image from this painting is of a dream I had as a child, wandering …

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A woman in red wearing a gold crown, and gold ropes, leans down extending her hand to accept an apple from a hand coming out of the ground.

Vala is a shining goddess of death, decay, and righteous fury. Blake only ever saw her in shadow, but when I see her she is almost too bright to look at. She is life as much as she is death, and she is very much what we need right now. We need to bury the …

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a person with some medical equipment smiles at the camera

Non Binary. They/them.

A road runner holds up a piece of unfinished embroidery in the desert.

This is the first piece of Illuminated Digital printing that I did. It was quite a journey solving all of the technical problems that kept arising, and it is a process that I am still perfecting. This is part of a larger project, called Emelina, that is temporarily on hold.

a woman wearing silver elf ears, and a space dress looking at the viewer. She looks amused.

Trans Woman. She/her.

A black lab looks at the camera imploringly, with snow on his nose and face

A painting from my wife’s favorite picture of her dog, Krypto coming in from the snow. He was a good boy, and is dearly missed.

a person in pink with their eyes closed looking peaceful

Non Binary. Rolling Pronouns.

a woman with glasses and curly hair in front of a seal of Rassilon

Trans woman. She/her.

a white and grey tabby cat looking lovingly up at you

This is a portrait of my cat Toby. He and his sister were the first two pets that my wife and I had as adults, and they were both extremely important to us. Toby was the most loving boy ever, and I miss him dearly.

A crab wearing a little castle on his shell

This painting was an experiment with underpainting in watercolor, which while it is a thing I absolutely adore, I usually forget about until I’m well into the painting itself. It’s such a fun technique, and it ends up unifying the painting, and giving you a strong value structure to work on from the outset.