a person with some medical equipment smiles at the camera

Non Binary. They/them.

a man wearing a scarf uses his phone

Trans Man. He/him.

a woman wearing silver elf ears, and a space dress looking at the viewer. She looks amused.

Trans Woman. She/her.

a person in pink with their eyes closed looking peaceful

Non Binary. Rolling Pronouns.

two people with eyes closed are in a loving embrace, faces together

both Non Binary. They/them.

a person with glasses and an orange tabby cat

Non Binary/Two-spirit. They/them.

A woman in pink lighting looking very relaxed and comfortable. She has a very small smile

Trans woman. She/her.

a woman with glasses and curly hair in front of a seal of Rassilon

Trans woman. She/her.

a white and grey tabby cat looking lovingly up at you

This is a portrait of my cat Toby. He and his sister were the first two pets that my wife and I had as adults, and they were both extremely important to us. Toby was the most loving boy ever, and I miss him dearly.

Two cats look off into the distance as their tail tips touch. They are in front of a heart in Pan Pride colors

This was painted as a surprize gift for a friend. The cats are named Theo and Zora, and the photograph of them that this was from was irresistibly cute. I did several other pride flag pets, but this one was always my favorite.